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Are You A Leader?

  1. Do you challenge the status quo?
  2. Are you creating a culture around your goal and involving others in it?
  3. Are you curious about the world you are trying to change?
  4. Are you using you charisma to attract and motivate your followers?
  5. Are you communicating your vision for the future?
  6. Are you commited to your vision  and basing your decisions on that commitment?
  7. Are you connecting your followers to each other?

Are you doing all, some or none of these?

Do you consider yourself to be a leader?

The Reality Check Checklist — July 3, 2012

The Reality Check Checklist

  1. Are you making meaning?
  2. Does your product jump to, or create, the next curve?
  3. Is your product Deep, Intelligent, Complete, Elegant, and Emotive?
  4. Do you have a mantra for what you do?
  5. Do you have a 10 slide pitch with no font smaller than 30 points that you can give in 20 minutes?
  6. Have you figured out a way to take your product to market with no budget?
  7. Are you helping people who cannot help you?
  8. Can you blow away any audience with a demonstration of your product?
  9. Would you hire “imperfect” job candidates who love what you do, as well as people who are better than you are?
  10. Are you only asking people to do things that you would do, too?
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Are You A Significant Entrepreneur?

To get an idea of whether you are adding value to others, ask yourself these five questions:

  1. Would those who work for you confirm that you add value to them?
  2. Do your ideas and plans directly impact the mission of the organisation in a positive way?
  3. Are you worth more than your salary?
  4. Do your business partners constantly affirm your value to the organisation?
  5. Do you do whatever it takes to add value to your business partners, your employees, and the organisation?
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